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10 Tips to Make the Most Of Your Staycation

Traveling and vacations can be expensive and complicated, especially with travel restrictions due to aging or health limitations. To enjoy a vacation with less expense and without leaving behind the comforts of home, try a staycation this year. You can enjoy time with friends and family exploring your city or learning about places around the world.

When travel is not suitable or possible, there is still an opportunity for a great staycation. Follow the tips below to make the very best of your staycation!

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Your Next Staycation!

     10. Create a Budget

budgeting - saving money with calculatorThe first step to any staycation is to create a budget. While a staycation saves money over a lot of travel-related vacation expenses, it can be easy to go over your budget. Planning needs to include transportation, parking, meals that you will eat at restaurants, and any tickets or admission costs. Remember to budget your time as well!

Decide if you will be staying in your own home or if you want to spend a few nights at a hotel or in a suite just for a change from your own home. If you choose to stay elsewhere, you can invite your best friends or family to stay with you and perhaps share the cost of the accommodations.

Remember to budget for extras and incidentals. There are often surprises, and it is best to have some time and money budgeted to work around them when they occur.

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     9. Invite Your Friends

3 older woman spending time together in kitchenSome activities are more fun with a friend or your family. When you are planning how you'd like to spend your staycation, think of others who might enjoy it and who you enjoy spending time with. These are great opportunities to see the children in the family by going to a movie or a zoo trip with them and enjoy quiet meals with old friends.

If you are going to stay somewhere else, such as renting a hotel or a suite for a few days for your staycation, invite family or good friends that you enjoy spending time with. You can share the cost of the stay while having some bonding time with the people who matter the most to you.

     8. Try Something New

A staycation is an ideal time to try a new restaurant, a new activity, or stay in a new hotel. Ask your friends what they like to do on the weekend or check the newspapers for new businesses or activities. Use the time to take a chance and go outside your comfort zone with a new game or a movie you usually wouldn't choose.

     7. Do Things You Love to Do

While you are out trying new things, plan to do something you know you love to end the day with. For example, stop by your favorite restaurant for dinner, read a book you love, or see a movie with your favorite actors. After spending time doing new things and trying new places, it is important to ensure that you have some downtime to rest and enjoy your favorite activities.

     6. Book Times in Advance

For coordinating schedules with others or ensuring that you get to do the things you want to do, book times when you can. Reserve a table for dinner, book a cab ahead of time, and even buy tickets in advance so you can skip the line later and just enjoy the day.

     5. Schedule Time to Do Nothing

organizer-791939_640 (1)This is still your vacation! Make sure that you leave time to do nothing at all, things that occur to you in the moment, or that you learn about during your other plans. It is so important to remember to rest, take time to slow down and enjoy the scenes, and just be.

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     4. Plan for Accessibility

If you require walking aids or are spending time with someone who does, consider these limitations when planning your staycation to avoid unpleasant surprises. Ensure that there is room for strollers when your family comes, wheelchairs for anyone who needs them, and walkers. Some places will have easy transportation and may even have these items available on-site to avoid having to transport your own. A little planning here can help to prevent disappointment later.

     3. Invite People to Come to You

group of men friends playing chess in the parkYou don't have to go anywhere to have the best staycation moments. Instead, decorate your backyard with a destination theme. Invite your friends and family to come over for the day or a BBQ. This is an affordable way to have quality time with the people who matter most to you. Decorations can be homemade or from discount stores, or even encourage others to bring items for décor when they arrive.

     2. Pick Up a New Hobby

Use your vacation money to purchase the supplies for a new hobby that you have always wanted to try or just learned about and want to try. A staycation is a great time to spend at home with a quiet atmosphere and try something new. You may find a great way to spend your time or fall in love with a hobby you'd never have tried otherwise.

     1. Travel the World Without Leaving Home

By creating dishes and drinks popular in other countries, you can bring a taste of the world right to your own home. Add some decorations or some postcards and photos from the country of choice and enjoy an evening dressed to enjoy the day or evening. Try a different country each day for an around the world trip in a week.

Avoid the hassle of traveling while still enjoying the vacation mindset by planning your staycation now. Try new hobbies, see new places, have dinner with your best friends and visit local attractions with your family, all within your budget and close to home.

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