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7 Healthy Brain Exercises to Fight Aging

Carelessness can be a natural part of growing older. Insignificant memory dilemmas reflect healthy changes in the structure and purpose of the brain. Gradually, we may miss a monthly payment, forget which word to use, or lose our glasses. These can be symptoms of healthy aging, according to the National Institute on Aging. However, these changes can also make it harder to learn new things, interfere with memory, and cause frustration.

We all understand the significance of maintaining mental fitness. Preserving our cognitive abilities enables us to pay better attention, solve problems, and other benefits. But have you thought about how focusing on this aspect of our fitness is especially critical as we age? Brain workouts for seniors are a way for you (or a loved one) to keep the mind active and healthy.

So, precisely why, and how do you train your brain? Below are seven recommendations for seniors to perform mental exercises and promote healthy brain habits.

Fight Aging with These 7 Healthy Habits

  1. Get Moderate Exercise

    Elevating the heart rate with regular cardiovascular exercise can increase blood flow to the brain. Many seniors may be physically unable to participate in extended exercise sessions. However, merely walking around even once per day can increase oxygen flow to the brain and help seniors keep a clear mind.
  2. Eat Well

    Proper nutrition benefits both your body and your brain. Eating a healthy and balanced diet will reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Avoid foods that are high in saturated fats and focus on fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and whole grains.
  3. Get Gaming

    Games and puzzles are fantastic ways to keep your loved one's brain active and alert. And like crafts, they can be customized to match the individual's skills. Remarkably, many games and puzzles have been adapted for those with physical conditions or barriers. Examples include big print puzzle books, oversized puzzle pieces, and large-font playing cards.
    Consider these intriguing brain teasers:
  4. Get Social

    Social or group engagement may boost brain strength and even delay the onset of dementia. If your loved one is able, help him or her stay socially active in the community. Look for book clubs, community groups, walking groups, or volunteer opportunities in the neighborhood.
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  5. Have a Discussion

    Often overlooked, one of the best mind exercises is relatively simple – it just involves talking! Engage in meaningful conversations with family members, friends, and professional caregivers to benefit from social interaction. Moreover, the give-and-take of these exchanges can stimulate brain function and lead to a healthier mind.

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  6. Try Something New

    Unusual and unique experiences can put you on the path to mental fitness. You can implement new strategies into your regular life in a variety of techniques:
    • Try new foods
    • Experiment with new ways to accomplish routine tasks
    • Travel to new places
    • Take a new road to work or the grocery store
    According to the Alzheimer's Association, a study shows that actively maintaining your brain improves its endurance. Doing different things with new approaches appears to develop and retain brain cells and connections. It may even produce new brain cells. In reality, breaking out of your routine cycle can help keep your mind stay healthy and fit.
  7. Get Crafty

    If you or your loved one enjoys arts and crafts, this is a great way to creatively activate the brain. The hand-eye coordination and excellent motor skills required provide the perfect cognitive workout. There are even ways to tailor works to your loved one's ability level, attention span, or physical limitations. Consider any of the following crafty options:

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