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6 Opportunities to Volunteer From Your Home

Are you looking for ways to serve your community or improve the world, but it's challenging to leave home? While volunteering in-person and overseas can be rewarding, there are many ways to make a difference without leaving your house.

There are many excellent choices for volunteering. Whether you're stuck inside due to illness, or it is difficult for you to get around town, there are still many opportunities to volunteer your time from home!

The list below includes remote volunteer activities that allow you to make a difference without having to get off the couch or out of your pajamas!

Opportunities to Volunteer from Home!

  • Craft for Those in Need

    Knitting yarn and needlesDo you enjoy making things with your hands? Knitting and crocheting are two great ways to spend your time at home. And, you can help those in need while you're practicing this hobby. A few examples include helping animals with the Snuggles Project, giving to children with Knit for Kids, and giving back to the troops through Soldiers' Angels.

    Don't be concerned if you lack crafting knowledge. Often, these organizations provide patterns and might even offer a variety of lessons to assist you in creating goods.

  • Expose Human Rights Violations

    The human rights NGO, Amnesty International, provides virtual volunteer opportunities through its Amnesty Decoders initiative.

    Anyone using a smartphone or laptop may assist researchers in combing through photographs, data, and papers that could lead to justice. If there are human rights violations around you, you can help expose the acts by volunteering from home, thereby helping to safeguard the lives of people in the community.

  • Translate Foreign Languages

    Non-profit organizations, aid organizations, and humanitarian groups can all benefit from the language and translation services provided by Translators without Borders. Translators and interpreters who are fluent in more than one language can significantly contribute to humanitarian efforts during times of disaster.

  • Improve Humanitarian Maps

    Missing Maps is an attempt to map unexplored locations. This may be for you if you have a particular interest in cartography. Volunteers assist by mapping out locations where crisis teams and humanitarian organizations attempt to satisfy the needs of vulnerable communities, responding to natural or humanitarian catastrophes more effectively.

    It is as simple as looking at satellite photos on your computer and then adding buildings and roads to maps to assist this organization and its partners (including the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders). You don't even need any prior mapping expertise!

  • Mentor Entrepreneurs

    older woman speaking with young entrepreneurial professional over zoom video callGrow Movement allows you to work with aspiring entrepreneurs in developing nations. After completing 12 mentoring sessions, you will be able to mentor and teach an entrepreneur new skills and provide recommendations on how to improve their performance.

    However, you must first fulfill a few prerequisites to become a mentor. Five years of commercial, mentoring, or teaching experience and professional business skills such as law, accounting, or an MBA are required.

  • Proofread

    If you have a keen eye for detail and a strong desire to preserve literary history, this might be an excellent opportunity to donate your time. The procedure is often as straightforward as comparing a scanned image to an OCR text, proofreading it, and returning it to the site. There's typically no obligation: you can volunteer as much or as little as you like with organizations such as Distributed Proofreaders

Volunteering online is a wonderful opportunity to put your spare time, professional knowledge, and unique abilities to good use. After all, it is our responsibility to use our privilege, knowledge, and expertise to assist those in need and effect social change.

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