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Season 3: Finding Your New Home After 50




As we age, it seems a “sense of place” takes on greater significance. In our younger years, we may have moved around after leaving the family home. That nomadic pattern, perhaps, was symbolic of our search for a path in life. Once settling into a consistent lifestyle, we found ourselves living for longer stretches of time in one location or another. Then comes the time in later life when for various reasons, we consider (or are forced to consider) yet another relocation.

This podcast series looks from various angles at moving after age 50. Whether you want to “age in place” in your current residence, desire a new home, or are compelled by circumstances to move, this eBook will help as you ponder the pros and cons in the decision-making process.

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Your Guide to Finding a New Home After 50 - Read Now

Season 2: Planning and Paying for Long-Term Care



The “gray tsunami” of baby boomers keeps rolling along. The U.S. Census Bureau predicts the youngest members of this generation, born from 1946-1964, will turn sixty-five by 2030. With 73 million members, boomers account for 21.45% of the U.S. population.

This generation is already having a massive impact on senior living. In 2015, about 8.3 million Americans required some form of long-term care. Unfortunately, that care doesn’t come cheaply. Annual costs can run into thousands of dollars for many families.

Yet, adequate planning for these potential costs often gets overlooked.

This podcast series, presented by Cantissimo Senior Living, stresses the importance of planning for long-term care
costs and provides information on several funding alternatives. Armed with this knowledge, older adults and their families can formulate plans that will lead to better health decisions and greater peace of mind.

Want to learn more? Download our complimentary eBook, "Planning and Paying for Long-Term Care: What Are My Options?"

Planning and Paying for Long-term Care: What Are My Options?

Season 1: Preparing for Medicare



If you are an American approaching your 65th birthday, you may think you can sit back and let Medicare cover all your healthcare costs.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple because Medicare can be very complicated. It could negatively impact your health and pocketbook if not well understood.

Taking time to learn about Medicare will help avoid these pitfalls. You need to know the answers to some basic questions. For example:

  • How does it work?

  • Do I need to sign-up?

  • If so, how do I enroll?

This podcast series presented by Cantissimo Senior Living provides a practical guide to all things Medicare. It covers the basics for the various parts of the program so you can feel more confident navigating this complicated topic. With this knowledge, you and your family can set a better course toward optimal health and peace of mind during your Medicare voyage.

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Navigating Medicare - Simle Idea, Complex Reality