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Paying for Long-Term Care: What are My Options?

Why You Need a Long-Term Care Plan - Planning and Paying for Long-Term Care: Part 1

Regardless of how long-term care costs are covered, planning for these expenses is essential. In this video, Pete Keers breaks down why it is essential to create a plan for affording long-term care, and the categories of options to consider.

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Retirement Savings for Long-Term Care - Planning and Paying for Long-Term Care: Part 2

One popular option for those looking to pay for long-term care costs is existing savings, often in the form of pensions, IRAs, and 401(k)s. All financial resources available to potential recipients must be considered for long-term care planning. Knowing the details about subjects like tax treatment and other factors is essential to build a solid plan for handling these significant costs. This video dives into the pros and cons of using retirement savings to afford long-term care.

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Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) - Planning and Paying for Long-Term Care: Part 3

HSAs were primarily intended to soften the financial burden of healthcare expenses for HDHP account holders of all age groups. However, an HSA can be particularly advantageous in paying for long-term care expenses at age 65 or over. Is an HSA the right option for you to afford long-term care? In this video, Pete Keers explains why HSAs might be a good choice.

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Experience Beyond Measure Interviews

Experience Beyond Measure Interview

Paul Ablack
Cantissimo Senior Living

Paul Ablack, Founder, Cantissimo Senior Living joins Mike Lawson to discuss

  • The state of senior living today
  • Innovations taking place to improve assisted living and memory care communities
  • The launch of Cantissimo Senior Living
  • The upcoming Experience Beyond Measure video interview series featuring unique general interest content for the 55+ community!

More from Cantissimo Senior Living:

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Experience Beyond Measure Interview

Jennifer Thorson
Executive Director
The Harbors Senior Living of Fridley

Jennifer Thorson, Executive Directory of The Harbors Senior Living of Fridley sits down to discuss:

  • The philosophy of excellent care
  • Making life as enjoyable as possible for residents
  • Advice for anyone considering a move into a senior living community
  • The impact of COVID-19 on Senior Living

Connect with The Harbors Senior Living of Fridley:

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Experience Beyond Measure Interview

Steve Austin (Old Man Steve)
TikTok Star

Watch our Experience Beyond Measure interview featuring Steve Austin, more popularly known as "Old Man Steve". Steve, a retiree, has found fame across social media, accumulating 1.4 Million followers and more than 27 Million likes on TikTok. 

In this interview, Steve shares:

  • His background and path to internet fame
  • Tips to discover new skills, hobbies, and passions in retirement
  • How to find communities in the digital age

Where to find Old Man Steve:

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Experience Beyond Measure Interview

Linda Malys Yore (Linda On The Run)

Video interview featuring Linda Malys Yore, popularly known as "Linda On The Run".  Travel, cooking, or fitness - Linda has exceptional blogs covering it all. A wonderful source for inspiration, our conversation with Linda covers:

  • Her background and success with blogging/social media
  • Traveling in retirement and the impact of COVID-19
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone and accomplishing goals in retirement 
  • Combatting aging and staying fit and healthy 

Where to find Linda:

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