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5 New Skills Older Adults Can Learn From Home

The best way to maintain mental fitness is to keep learning constantly. Senior citizens who remain active – mentally and physically – are less prone to developing fatigue, memory decline, or depressive symptoms, among others. In this digital world, there are dozens of incredible new hobbies that senior citizens can take up, without even having to leave their own homes.  

The following are just a few of the new skills that are fun and easy to learn online from home: 

Learn These 5 New Skills Anytime from Home!

     1. Gardening 


Gardening is one of the best skills to learn at any age, but if you are 55+ and want to learn something new, this could be a perfect hobby for you. Fill your garden with the most beautiful flowers and plants, which make your garden look stunning and smell great. 

Change the outline of your lawn and grow some plants, vegetables, or pretty flowers. The planning and exercise from gardening has been proven to be beneficial both physically and cognitively. Don't forget, you can even reap the rewards of your harvest, and benefit from healthy and nutritious snacks, right from your own yard.

In fact, studies have shown that, among other things, gardening improves physical functional ability, the immune system, muscle strength and flexibility, and reduced blood pressure, waist circumference, and cholesterol levels

It is easy to learn about all kinds of gardening tips online, and you can start in our own yard! Discuss with others and learn from peers in our online forum or Facebook group

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     2. Learn How to Play an Instrument  

Music is the sound of the universe, and one of the best ways to reduce stress. Music knows no age, and many older adults find great success in learning a new instrument. It is easy to find dozens of online courses from drums and guitars to piano and violin. 

The guitar is recommended as one of the best instruments for senior citizens, and it can also be transported easily. You can even find online teachers who can help you learn to play the guitar without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

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     3. Increase Your Tech-Savviness 

There is a popular myth that senior citizens don't take full advantage of the newest technologies. However, older adults often have the most to gain from the conveniences of new technologies. Internet devices can immediately connect us around the world to family, friends, and services. Often, in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. 

Online computer programs can help make it easier to embrace technological advancements use the internet to learn new things. Check out our blog, Technology Boost, to learn more!

     4. Cooking  

person-holding-sliced-vegetable-2284166Cooking a meal helps you reduce stress as it gives you a sense of achievement (and a full belly). You feel happy and pleasant after cooking delicious food, which is praised by your loved ones. It also helps bring the family together, which is another advantage of learning how to cook a new meal. 

Cooking practices maintaining mental sharpness as it requires converting units, keeping time, measuring, experimenting, and trying new things. As a bonus, cooking helps to teach the importance and components of a healthy diet. 

With a cookbook or the internet, you can discover recipes and ideas from all around the world. Kitchenaria posted a list of what they consider to be the nine best recipe websites of the year - check it out! 

     5. Learning a New Language 

Do you think there is something more productive than learning a new language? Language learning is one of the most inexpensive ways to keep yourself busy and even prepare yourself for your next international trip. 

A skill that used to require years of classes can now be learned in fun and easy ways, right from home in your favorite chair. To learn more, check out our blog, 6 Ways to Learn a New Language in Retirement!

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Did we leave anything off the list? What's the next skill you want to learn?

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